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Stephan J Lesser Woodworking

In Seattle's Ballard Neighborhood

Custom Design & Superior Craftsmanship

Whether the design concept is contemporary or traditional, Stephan J. Lesser Woodworking manufactures superior quality architectural woodwork and casework to match every client's vision.

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Please take a few minutes to view photographs of recent projects in our gallery sections, then give us a call. Discover the difference superior craftsmanship can make in your home or office.

Building Your Vision

At Stephan J. Lesser Woodworking, we consider woodworking a language onto itself. Style, color, and material choices are used to communicate a client's vision. Our artisans transform that vision into beautiful, functional objects admired for their longevity, value and aesthetics.


Our craftsmen focus on everything down to the smallest detail, such as grain-matching and precision placement of components. Everything is conceived to make an object individual and dynamic. We work with domestic wood, exotic wood and veneers specially selected for each project.